With summer here, people are flocking to the outdoors, including the trails, campsites and reservoirs of the Colorado State Parks system. Last year, the parks hit a record number of visitors – 13.5 million.  But Colorado is struggling to keep up with the demand.

KUNC TV reported that Golden Gate Canyon State Park is rolling and green, nestled deep in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Just 45 minutes from Denver, this is the state’s fourth most popular state park. It stays that way for most of the year.

“You could literally spend the whole day hiking through the backcountry of Golden Gate,” said park manager Dan Weber.

But all the people coming to camp, fish, hike and bike are putting a strain on an already stretched staff. Sites are crowded. Parking lots overflow so people park on the street, making some places dangerous, according to Web.

On the busiest days, he worries the crowds detract from the park.

“When people are up trying to fish, those areas get overrun,” he said. “You know, sometimes you go by there and you just see people fishing shoulder to shoulder. In a way you kind of wonder what kind of an experience they’re having.”

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