Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officers are searching for an aggressive black bear that threatened campers at Chambers Lake Campground and prompted one camper to fire warning shots Saturday (July 27), according to The Coloradoan

According to CPW, the bear wandered into the campground 63 miles northwest of Fort Collins in the upper Poudre Canyon. It swiped at a tent and hit a cooler that rolled into the tent.

A man got his kids into a vehicle, then shot warning shots into the air to scare off the bear, which ran off. A bear, thought to be the same one, returned, which prompted campers to get into their vehicles again, honking horns and using pepper spray to haze the bear.

“This is an incident that we are definitely looking into and want to find this bear,” CPW Spokesperson Jason Clay said. “Bears get more aggressive as they keep coming back, and this creates a dangerous situation.”

The Chambers Lake campground, as well as Dowdy and West Lake campgrounds near Red Feather Lakes, have seen a rash of recent bear encounters with campers. There have been six such encounters at Dowdy and West Lake this month, with the most recent coming Saturday.

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