Preventive spraying of selected pine trees in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park to repel beetle attacks has proven to be extremely successful, according to the Estes Park Trail Gazette

Though funds were available for spraying only a small percentage of the park’s forest, those trees sprayed around the campgrounds and headquarters areas the past two years have not been attacked at beetles. Similar success rates have been experienced on several large properties east of Estes Park. In both cases beetles have not attacked trees sprayed over the past two years. 

The beetle infestation of trees in the Estes Valley area probably has not peaked, and residents who wish to protect their high value trees on their properties should consider spraying them. Now is the time to begin planning for their protection this coming season. To this end spray companies have agreed to begin their spraying season for beetle protection in the Estes Valley starting in May, adjusting their spray mixture accordingly. Preventive spraying can begin this May and continue through to the end of July.