Kurt Repanshek

Editor’s Note: Kurt Repanshek, a prolific writer for National Parks Traveler, put into perspective last week’s shooting of a popular wolf outside Yellowstone National Park. His column appears below.

The news raced across cyberspace in a flash: Yellowstone’s “rock star” of a wolf had been killed by a Wyoming hunter.

The wolf in question, 832F, was doing what wolves do — roaming the landscape, probably in search of a meal — when she was shot just beyond Yellowstone National Park’s eastern border on December 6. The kill was legitimate under Wyoming’s hunting regulations, which Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had cleared the way for earlier this year in an agreement he made with Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead.

832F, perhaps the most famous wolf on earth, was shot by a hunter on Dec. 6 near Yellowstone National Park.

The outrage over 832’s death was palpable and, as media have been known to do, overdone.

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