Editor’s Note: This column was written by Randy Hendrickson, president of the CampCalNOW board of directors, and originally appeared in CampCalNOW’s “News of the Week” Newsletter. 

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Ruben Martinez, co-founder of GlampingHub, as well as co-founder for the American Glamping Association (AGA). Both GlampingHub and the AGA are partners in sponsoring “Glamping Summit USA,” set for October 22-23 at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora, Colo.

CampCalNOW will be well-represented, as we will have a booth at the show to spread the news about California’s important place in the Glamping arena, and we’re looking forward to the interaction with the public, vendors, and other emerging dignitaries in this critical component of the Outdoor Hospitality industry.

The AGA may not be an organization with which you are familiar, because it is a new non-profit association that started in 2018. However, this is an association you will be hearing a lot about, both in the national arena and through CampCalNOW, as we participate with them more and more to bring their services to your attention.

Glamping is not a new concept and has thrived for many years in other countries, but we are just now seeing its dominance over the past few years in the U.S. As with any relatively new concept, Glamping is still “the wild west” in terms of legislation, building codes and responsible development practices.

To that end, AGA’s stated mission is to “Advance the quality of the glamping community through access of information and awareness,” including being a resource for tools, connections, best practices, environmental advocacy and Glamping standards accreditation, as they work tirelessly towards standardizing this burgeoning industry.

The AGA is the only organization whose sole focus is on uplifting and maintaining standards, and elevating the guest experience, while providing salient information to developers seeking to provide that experience.

As the leading authority on outdoor hospitality in California, CampCalNOW understands the many challenges involved with, and the satisfaction derived from, providing tools and information to enhance our members’ ability to successfully serve the demand for quality camping experiences. So, too, does AGA. That is why we are very pleased to assist in raising awareness of the AGA, and for the absolutely critical services they are providing now, and will provide in the future.

You will be hearing much more from AGA as we work together to elevate the surging glamping industry not only in California, but nationally.

In order to make the Glamping Summit more accessible to all, Ruben Martinez has generously offered special discounts to CampCalNOW. He is offering $50.00 gift certificates for the upcoming Glamping Summit in Colorado, or any future event sponsored by AGA, as long as you redeem your certificate when reserving your spot prior to Aug. 31.

Please contact us at Dyana@CampCalNOW.com or call us at (530) 885-1624 or alternatively, feel free to email info@AmericanGlampingAssociation.net and let them know CampCalNOW referred you.

Please join us in supporting their efforts, and we hope to see you at Glamping Summit USA!