Editor’s note: The following column by Thomas Bjerke in the Sawyer County (Wis.) Record responded to an earlier Record story found here.

After reading the “Park Model Homes Need Definition” article in the Feb. 18 edition of the Record, I was left wondering if our Sawyer County Zoning Administrator, Dale Olson, believes all the wonderful things that attract so many to Sawyer County should be enjoyed only by the privileged few?

My “second” home for the past 29 years has been a campground in Sawyer County. As an “average Joe” with an average Joe income, it has given my wife and I a way to share the summer lakes experience. I grew up at my grandparents cabin but could not afford to have one for our kids. We started out in a 28-foot travel trailer, which worked well for several years until our children grew and we purchased a 36-foot trailer with slide-outs and parked it in the same spot.

With the need to purchase yet another unit 10 years ago to replace our aging trailer, we opted for a park model RV, which is actually physically smaller than the trailer it replaced. Since then, others in the campground have followed suit and gradually, the “transient labor camp” transformed back into a pleasant looking and well maintained campground.

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