Renee Bell, Washburn County Wisconsin Register of DeedsAn ad hoc committee will be formed to look at revisions to the Washburn County, Wis., campground ordinance, according to the Advocate.

The decision came following discussion at the county’s Executive Committee meeting Wednesday, Oct. 12, after hearing from members of the public concerned over possibly outdated regulations and seeking a moratorium on any campground conditional-use permits (CUPs) for the time being.

The subject stemmed from the purchase by North Camp Properties, which obtained a CUP to build a 200-plus-site RV park and campground near Spooner and Evergreen lakes. Many nearby residents have expressed concern over environmental impacts, noise, road damage, among other issues. They also have maintained that current campground ordinances only have regulations for rustic campgrounds, and newer campgrounds, including RV parks with park model homes, need different regulations.

After much discussion over the past year between the county and citizens, including a private group called Preserve Washburn County formed to help protect the lakes, the county concurred that looking at a revision to Chapter 38 Division 24-Campgrounds & Resorts was necessary.

The county Zoning Committee forwarded the matter to the Executive Committee, who heard from numerous citizens before the decision, many of whom supported a six-month moratorium on CUPs for campgrounds until a revision was made.

Maria Plisky of Spooner said this area is a great place to retire, but things are changing. With 375-plus seasonal RV sites created near Spooner Lake, “these projects cram tens of hundreds of seasonal residents” in one small area and put the environment and water at risk, she said. Additionally, Plisky said, the seasonal owners pay “only a couple of pennies in property tax.”

She and many others feel that seasonal visitors at an RV campground should pay the same taxes as year-round property owners are required to do.

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