ConcreteBenchMolds_0430_ParkSettingConcreteBenchMolds.com of Framingham, Mass., announced that it has introduced an innovative new product that allows even workers with limited skills to build beautiful, durable, and inexpensive park benches.

A proven product that has been meeting the demanding needs of public works departments, park and recreation departments, golf courses, college campuses, transit authorities and marinas, this made-in-the-U.S. product is now available to the family campground industry, the company said in its announcement.

ConcreteBenchMolds_PairMoldsThese concrete bench molds are a simple and clever do-it-yourself product — a set of pre-fabricated, construction-grade molds that allow campground owners to beautify their parks while saving hundreds of dollars, according to the company.

The product was developed by Robert Merusi, the former park and recreation department director for the Town of Framingham. With these molds, workers build left and right concrete bench leg supports that, when assembled together with standard 2x4s, produce park benches that are designed to last for years of rugged use. If you can mix concrete and drill a hole, you can build park benches with these reusable molds.

According to Merusi, “The purchase of a very similar style, fully assembled bench will cost in excess of $1,000 once you include shipping costs. You can build your own park benches with a set of our molds for less than $100 in materials and a few hours of labor.” The company also offers a no-questions-asked return policy with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

According to Merusi, “Nobody has ever returned one, ever. In fact, some larger customers have purchased second and third sets in order to increase productivity.”

Benches may also be customized using various concrete finishes along with different woods, paints and stains to create an even higher-end appearance. For example, some schools, colleges and transit authorities have alternated color schemes in the wooden slats to create a branding effect, and an “advertising” bench option allows for display space on the back of the bench for customized graphics or signage.

With the investment in this new product, users realize an immediate financial return upon construction of their very first bench, the company said.

Manufactured in Woburn, Mass., orders ship within 24 hours, with a two-to-five- day delivery time in the continental U.S.

Visit the company’s website at http://concretebenchmolds.com for testimonials, a customer gallery, FAQs, a DIY slideshow, and to order online today. There are discounts for ordering two or more sets, and shipping is free.