A Connecticut tourist attraction is one step closer to adding its own campground facility, according to a report by WFBS, Southington.

The planning and zoning commission in Southington recently approved for the beginning stages for a camping ground at Lake Compounce.

“When it will be developed, it will have cabins. We’ll have RV sites. We’ll have tent areas, a welcome center and a little store,” said Lake Compounce General Manager Jerry Brick. “And it’s just going to be a place where people can relax.”

Brick said the plan for the campground facility has been in works for years and is “excited” about the approval. He added that the new camping area will help bring more people to Southington and hopefully more customers to local businesses.

“I really don’t think personally that people come a campground just to go to the park,” said Chamber of Commerce President Art Secondo. “Maybe they’re going to see a baseball game or they’re going to want to at least take a picture in front of ESPN.”

Residents in Southington would welcome a boost to local businesses.

“I think it’s a great idea to have a place where people can come stay the night,” said resident Kara More. “It’s more likely to bring to people to the area.”

The campground is expected to open as early as 2013.