Word may come by the end of the week about how Alabama’s state parks will move forward after facing another budget slashing by the state legislature.

AL.com reported that officials have said that some, if not all, parks could be closed if the parks did not receive level funding for the 2016 fiscal year. The budget signed into law by Gov. Robert Bentley last week transferred $3 million from Alabama’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Of that $3 million, there is a cap of $1 million that can be taken directly from the state parks revenues, according to the budget, AL.com reported last week. It’s the fifth straight year revenue has been transferred from the state parks to the state’s General Fund budget.

Greg Lein, director of Alabama’s state parks, said in an email to AL.com on Tuesday that his office is “continuing to discuss our contingency plans” in working toward a budget for next year. That plan could be resolved an announced this week, Lein said.

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