Campground Owners of New York (CONY) announced it has negotiated a Suburban Propane Pricing Program for its campgrounds, administered directly through the CONY association.

This program provides discounting for bulk delivery of propane and on equipment for CONY campgrounds in areas serviced by Suburban Propane. The program is the same as any group discounting program that Suburban Program offers throughout the United States, according to a news release.

The Suburban Propane Pricing Program is intended to help CONY campgrounds increase their revenues earned in resale to their customers.

Don Bennett Jr., president and CEO of CONY, reports, “We are pleased and excited to offer our members this great discount program which, depending on their volume of usage, could save members the equivalent of their CONY membership dues several times over.”

Bennett adds, “With the development of programs like this one with Suburban Propane, CONY continues to fulfill its vision as a model campground association working for continued growth and collaboration within the outdoor hospitality industry.”

CONY Chairman of the Board Scott Sherwood, owner of Spruce Row Campground in Ithaca, N.Y., is pleased with the new program, saying, “In CONY’s ongoing efforts to serve its members, we now have our own agreement with Suburban Propane. CONY members will see no interruption in the great rate they have realized through CONY’s affiliation with the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), only now it is a CONY program.

Sherwood says it was a focused group effort to make this program happen. “Thanks to the hard work of the CONY office under the direction of President and CEO Donald Bennett Jr., the CONY board of directors, our attorney/lobbyist Peter O’Connell and Tom Killmer from Suburban Propane, we have an agreement that is CONY’s own. This member benefit is one of many money-saving offerings CONY brings to its members.”

The Suburban Propane Discount Program is one of several new programs either recently started or currently in development by CONY. In particular, CONY, in partnership with Corporate Communications in Rochester, N.Y., launched an online reservation system earlier this year. Adventure Systems LLC is targeted at helping campground owners receive and manage online reservations. In addition to serving CONY members, the association is seeking to market its online reservation system to other associations. More information about Adventure Systems LLC is available at www.adventuresystems.net.