Editor’s Note: The following is a copy of the letter sent from Campground Owners of New York (CONY) to the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) informing ARVC of CONY’s decision to leave the national association.

National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds

Chairman David Berg

9085 E. Mineral Circle, Suite 200

Centennial, CO 80112

Dear Chairman Berg,

On Monday September 12th In one of the most controversial and heart felt discussions, the CONY board Voted 11 yea, 2 nay, and 1 abstention to un-affiliate with ARVC. This is a discussion that has come up at every board meeting for as long as I can remember. The actions and proposals of ARVC in recent months finally brought this issue to a head in New York.


As I am sure you are aware CONY has recently completed a Long Range and Strategic Plan which took us 18 months to complete. To say it was a very thorough undertaking would be an enormous understatement. One of the most important things the CONY board adopted was that we will not take part or spend time on anything that doesn’t directly support and enhance our Mission Statement.

The other very important thing that came out of our Long Range Plan was that we identified who CONY’s customers are; the member campgrounds who make up the organization are the customers of our organization. ARVC would do well to realize the same. The camping consumer is not ARVC’s customer, the State Associations and campground members are.

When ARVC offers free membership to State run campgrounds and more importantly state funded campgrounds, it is a direct contradiction to our Mission Statement here in New York. In New York the notion of allowing State run campgrounds to join our organization has been brought up several times in the past and very strongly rejected by our members.

The proposal to allow multi park owners discounted rates is another very contentious issue in New York. We have several that pay dues, in full. With this proposal ARVC would in effect be taking money out of our pockets and the fact that we opted out of the program will only bring pressure in the future of why aren’t we offering the discount like other states. When these issues are contended it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

The decision by the CONY board of directors was not done for the sake of just the board. We mandate our Regional directors (there are 12) hold meetings 2 times per year. In recent years many members of CONY have had a very hard time accepting the fact that they did not have a choice in paying ARVC dues. I mention this because it is important that you and your board understand this has been a statewide concern for a long time now. That is not to say there aren’t members of CONY who will be very upset with this because they have a strong allegiance to ARVC. I refer back to our Mission Statement to defend my board’s decision. What has been coming out of ARVC lately just doesn’t support our Mission Statement and that is truly what guided our board members to vote the way they did.

Going forward, the CONY office will be refunding the ARVC portion of any dues that have already been collected for the coming year. We will be sending a letter to all members explaining this decision and encouraging them to join ARVC at their will. We will by no means discourage our members from joining ARVC, we just have decided to let them choose for themselves.

I have been Chairman of CONY for four years now and I can tell you this was the hardest decision this board has ever made. I have complete faith in our board, this issue has been thought through completely and I stand behind their decision as a collective group. Feel free to contact me if you wish, my phone # at the campground is 607-387-9225 or my cell # is 607-227-9741.


Scott Sherwood

Chairman, CONY