Baltimore, Md.-based Corcl Boats announced that the Corcl won ‘Honourable Mention’ in the Red Dot 2018 Product Design Awards, one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions, according to a release.

Only products that show a well-executed aspect of design work win, according to the release.

In 2018, designers and manufacturers from 59 countries submitted more than 6,300 objects to the competition. A jury comprised of 39 members assessed the products individually, looking for good design and innovation, according to the release. The strict judging criteria, which includes level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics and durability, provide a frame of reference that the jurors then complement with their own expertise, according to the release.

The Corcl is a 28-pound, round, plastic boat for kids ages 8-15. It is designed for use with a kayak paddle to move forward, backward or in circles through the water.

The Corcl Boats’ design team will go to Essen, Germany, in July to claim their prize and see the Corcl on exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, according to the release. At that time, the Corcl will appear in the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2018/2019, alongside the Online Exhibition, on the Red Dot App and on Red Dot 21.

The Red Dot Design Award was founded in 1955 to appraise the best products of the year from all over the world and to honor a select group of products that significantly stand out for having exceptional design, according to the release.

For more information you can head to www.red-dot.de.

For more information on the Corcl you can head to www.corcl.com.