Six months ago, Peter Wohlrab went to an auction at the old Newark (N.Y.) Country Club to buy restaurant equipment and decided to buy the whole property instead, the Finger Lakes Times reported.

Tuesday, the Village Board gave him the final go-ahead to convert the nine-hole golf course and restaurant into a campground. And in keeping with the fast pace of the project, Wohlrab said he hopes to begin welcoming tent and RV campers later this year.

“Now all he needs is to go to the department of health and get final approval from them, and then he can start construction,” Mayor Jonathan Taylor said.

The property is located on Country Club Drive. Wohlrab plans to start with 30 camp sites and expand from there.

“Years ago, I wanted one: It’s a growing industry,” Wohlrab said. “We looked at the golfing. They say golfing is dying. … (A campground) just seemed to fit perfectly.”

Taylor also thinks it’s a good use for the site.

“There certainly seems to be a need for it,” he said. “There’s a lot of other businesses that could kind of sprout off from that. It’s kind of exciting to see something going on.”

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