The Story County (Iowa) Board of Supervisors on Tuesday (Feb. 20) approved the first reading of an amendment to the county code that would allow for the construction of cabins on commercial campgrounds and RV parks in the county.

The cabins would be available to the public to rent as an alternative to a tent or RV, according to the Ames Tribune.

The cabins would be available year-round, but the guest staying there wouldn’t be allowed to stay there for more than 30 days in a row, the amendment reads.

That restriction in mind, Supervisor Lauris Olson recalled her time living in northern Wisconsin, a place with numerous cabins. She said she thought the people living in those cabins would reach their maximum number of days in the cabin, briefly move out and then move back in, resetting the clock and becoming defacto permanent residents. She wanted to see if there was a way Story County could prevent that.

After some discussion, Brad Perkins, who submitted the amendment because he wants to build cabins, said he could accept an additional amendment — that guests not be allowed to stay in a cabin for more than 100 days in a year. The supervisors, however, decided to leave that change out of the amendment. If they decide to, the board can approve the 100 days limit at a later date, separate from Tuesday’s amendment.

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