The Berkeley County (S.C.) Council will decide soon whether or not to allow campgrounds outside of commercial areas, the Berkeley Independent reported.

During the Oct. 13 Land and Use Committee, Planning Director Eric Greenway recommended allowing campgrounds to be established on 10 acres or more of land in the county’s catch-all designation for rural property known as Flex-1. According to Greenway, the county’s current zoning only allows campgrounds in commercial zones.

About 60% of the county is zoned Flex-1, Greenway said.

Property owners in Cross recently approached the county about rezoning their property to allow a campground. But Greenway recommended to the planning commission that instead of rezoning the property, the county could amend its current ordinance and allow campgrounds within Flex-1.

“With the lakes that we have here and the amount of Flex-1 property we have here … it just makes sense for us instead of making these properties general commercial. Because these properties would still be general commercial if the campground goes away,” Greenway told the commission in September.

However, the property in question has fewer than 10 acres. Greenway said owners seeking a campground on Flex-1 property with fewer than 10 acres would have to request a variance from the board of zoning and appeals.

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