The county commissioners in Lauderdale County in northwest Alabama are moving closer to signing a deed with a Reynolds Alloys employees’ group that would allow the county to take over operation of a riverside campground in the east end of the county.
Commissioner Rex Burleson said the commission would like to hold a public meeting in the next 90 days to let residents know what will be done with the 40-acre park, according to the Florence Times Daily,
Burleson said the campground will be completely renovated. He cautioned, however, that the work could take four to five years to complete, maybe longer if current economic conditions continue.
“It’s basically there, but it’s got to be redone to make it a nice park,” Burleson said.
The park has about 20 campsites with electrical hookups and a dump station, large pavilion, rest rooms and a boat ramp.
The plan is to renovate the campsites, including the electrical wiring, add a walking trail, improve the boat ramp and possibly hook the camp up to the county water system.
The county will be working with the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments to secure grant money that will be used to make the majority of the improvements, said county engineer John Bedford.
Burleson said the Alabama Department of Conservation, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be involved in renovating the campground, which borders the Tennessee River.
Burleson said the commission would use the corps’ assistance in dredging the area around the boat ramp, which would be enlarged to allow two boats to be launched at one time.
“TVA will work with us on our walking trails and our campgrounds,” he said.