Bison Trace

Matt and Leigh Wells are launching Bison Trace Luxury Camping in French Creek. Formerly French Creek R&R Campgrounds, the new campground will provide visitors with a memorable “glamping” experience.

Matt and Leigh Wells are launching the Bison Trace Luxury Camping in French Creek, N.Y., according to The Post-Journal.

Leigh Wells said she and her husband decided to launch Bison Trace Luxury Camping because of the increasing popularity of “glamping.” Prior to their purchase of the property, the campground operated as French Creek R&R Campgrounds.

The campground is going to feature six Lancaster cabins, complete with kitchens, bathrooms, a queen bed, bunk beds, a screened-in porch and a seating area on the porch. Four of the cabins have been installed, with two more expected to be completed after the campground launches. One of the cabins will be ADA-compliant with an ADA-compliant bathroom.

The campground will also feature Conestoga-covered wagons, furnished with two twin beds and a queen bed, a full bathroom and heating and air conditioning.

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