Gina and Marting Picke

Gina and Martin Picke are the new owners of the RV park north of Lakeview, Ore. They have renamed it the Wild Goose Meadows RV Park, though some signage still says Base Camp RV Park. Previously, the couple ran a motel in Merrill. Kevin Winter/Lake County Examiner

There are new owners of the RV park north of Lakeview, Ore., and it has been renamed the Wild Goose Meadows RV Park, according to the Lake County Examiner

Martin and Gina Picke purchased the park, previously known as Base Camp RV Resort, from Jim and Ruth Norris, who made several refurbishments to the property when they purchased the lot in 2015 and turned it into a fully functional RV park. Before the Norrises purchased the property, it featured a pub and restaurant, which the Norris family turned into a clubhouse for groups to meet in.

Martin grew up in New Zealand in the Auckland area and became involved in flying and moved to the southern California area to attend and then teach at a college for airline maintenance. While living in southern California, he met Gina, who has experience working as an architectural drafter, and the two got married and lived in the greater Los Angeles for many years. After a while they were looking for a way to move out of the region and to move somewhere more in the countryside and in the open.

The couple had spent time in an RV traveling through many different states across the western U.S. They fell in love with the RV life and went about looking at purchasing an RV park. But before they made the leap to the RV park they purchased a small motel with a few RV spaces, in Merrill in 2015 called the Wild Goose Lodge.

Both Martin and Gina viewed the motel as a stepping stone, and after six years of running the motel they started looking for an RV park to purchase. They described running a motel as a 24/7 operation and said it was difficult to get time off to enjoy themselves.

After the motel they owned sold, there was one RV park still available to purchase that was on their list — Base Camp RV Resort in Lakeview.

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