The state Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has affirmed an Erie County judge’s Oct. 5, 2011, order that closed Moon Meadows Campground, in Greenfield Township, over concerns about water and sewage at the site, the Erie Times-News reported.
The ruling, docketed at the Erie County Courthouse on Monday (Sept. 10), said Judge Shad Connelly used the proper discretion in issuing the order against the owner of the campground, Thomas Peckham and his wife, Patricia.
Thomas Peckham said on Tuesday he will continue to appeal Connelly’s court order. He said he can continue to operate Moon Meadows while the case is on appeal — an interpretation of the law that appears to be at odds with Connelly’s ruling and the state Department of Environmental Protection.
Moon Meadows is on Route 430 just west of Route 89.
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