Myrtle Beach Land Sale

The sale of land to two Myrtle Beach campgrounds has been halted as court action movesv forward. (Source: MyHorryNews)

Myrtle Beach, S.C., cannot sell land to the Pirateland and Lakewood campgrounds until further action from the court system, according to The Post and Courier.

In December, Horry County sued the city over the selling of 63 acres to Pirateland for $26 million and 81 acres to Lakewood for $33 million.

Originally the city wanted the land sale to be finalized by the end of 2020, but a last-minute court ruling on Dec. 29 issued a temporary restraining order against the finalization of the sale until the matter can be taken before a court reporter, according to the order published on the public index.

“This court will endeavor to set a hearing with a court reporter at the earliest possible time,” states Circuit Court Judge Benjamin H. Culbertson’s ruling.

The matter will likely go in front of the court on Feb. 1, according to the public index. State law also requires mediation on lawsuits which could lead to a deal crafted outside of court to keep or sell the land. The public index shows Horry County offering a session later in the year.

The land in question was deeded to the town of Myrtle Beach following World War II with the purpose of serving the airport. For decades it has been used as a campground through lease agreements with the city, with the revenue going to the Myrtle Beach International Airport operated by Horry County.

Myrtle Beach, claiming that past rulings upheld their ownership of the land and allowed for the city to sell the land, wanted to sell it to keep the two campgrounds in business. The property was never placed on the open market, but city officials claim it was fairly appraised.

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