Wibit course in pool

When Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS), of Verona, Wis., began providing modular inflatable challenge courses to commercial swimming pools, they knew patrons would have tons of fun with them. What they didn’t predict was how wildly popular this new category of aquatic play would become and the innovative ways clients would use it to achieve positive results.

“Our inflatable challenge course systems are designed to revitalize active recreation in the water,” says CRS President Ron Romens. “These are modular, sealed-air pieces that, when connected, create an exciting challenge course for running, jumping and climbing. They create a continuous flow of motion, thus encouraging patrons of all ages to move more and play longer. What we’ve found is both outdoor waterfronts and indoor pools are successfully working them into their programs, often in new ways we didn’t even envision.”

The results of these challenge courses have been phenomenal, with customers raving that they are attracting more patrons, generating excitement, revitalizing programming and increasing revenue. In addition, CRS works with a number of top manufacturers, including Wibit and Aquaglide, to create customized systems that fit a customer’s needs and budget.

The premier U.S. provider of commercial-grade modular, inflatable challenge courses, CRS is headquartered in Verona, Wis., with representatives in New Jersey. It serves customers throughout the United States and the Caribbean.