After years of discussion, the board of the California Travel Parks Association (CTPA) has agreed to change its name. Effective Jan. 1, 2008, the name will become the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds or CalARVC.
“’Travel Parks’ no longer represents the current nomenclature within the industry and it hasn’t for many, many years,” Debbie Sipe, executive director, noted in a recent issue of the association’s newsletter. “The name ties too closely with the image of trailer parks. This is one image that we do not want to advance when we are talking with legislators, tourism officials, the media or other industry representatives.”
The association’s website name also is changing.
“RVandCampOutWest no longer accurately represents the parks listed on the site,” Sipe noted, “and the name itself is not optimized for Google and Yahoo. As a result, the board voted to make Camp-California.com the primary name for CTPA’s website.”
Two sub websites will be developed in the coming years. CaliforniaCampgrounds.com will focus more on the tenting aspect of the industry, highlighting outdoor activities and geared to the younger generation, she stated. “CaliforniaRVParks.com will cater more to the RV lifestyle and their activities, targeting the market more commonly associated with RVing,” she said.
Each website will pull from the same database but each will be unique in its presentation and focus, she added.
The CTPA newsletter also is being reproduced electronically and posted on the CTPANews website.