Cooler temps mean more campsites available at Death Valley National Park.

Death Valley National Park has opened its Sunset Campground for the fall and winter seasons, according to the National Parks Traveler.

Ten of the park’s 12 campgrounds are now open. Increasing numbers of campers are arriving in Death Valley as temperatures cool down.

Texas Springs Campground and Stovepipe Wells Campground will remain closed until sufficient temporary National Park Service employees can be hired to keep them maintained. They will likely reopen sometime in November.

Campground fees in the park vary. Emigrant, Wildrose, Thorndike, Mahogany Flat, Homestake, Saline Valley Warm Springs, and Eureka Dunes Campgrounds are free.

Regular sites at Mesquite Spring, Stovepipe Wells, Texas Springs, Sunset, and Furnace Creek Campground range from $14- to $22-a-night. RV hookup sites at Furnace Creek Campground cost $36.

Senior Pass holders get a discount.

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