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The Start of a New Snowbird Season

Two years ago, terms like ‘social distancing’ and ‘limited capacity’ were about as uncommon as wearing face masks in public spaces. After Covid-19 became a global pandemic, other expressions evolved like ‘flattening the curve’ and ‘keeping a safe distance,’ the latter being mandated for more than a year across Canada, and still is in regions across the country.

Then, more positive phrases like ‘double vax’ed’ and ‘lower reported cases’ evolved, which reflected positive news for Canadians. This included the opening of the Canada/U.S. land border, return of annual events, and lower capacities and/or fewer restrictions for many businesses.

RVing is considered one of the safest forms of travel since the start of the pandemic and while health and safety guidelines are still in place, many RV-related businesses, events and destinations are more accessible than they have been in quite some time, opening the door to long-awaited experiences.

For example, many Canadian RV show organizers are currently promoting events for this winter and spring, while the long-awaited opening of the Canada/ U.S. border in communities and cities across the country was other welcoming news to RVers. This not only allows the opportunity to visit southern destinations but offers the chance to once again meet with friends and family.

These recent developments mean RVers can spend more time south of the border and enjoy everything that is associated with travelling on the road. Nevertheless, it’s still essential to practice Covid-19 safety measures and protocols to prevent a whole new set of restrictions – and phrases – in 2022.