Summary: Moderate to heavy precipitation fell on a swath from the lower Mississippi Valley northeastward through the Appalachians and upstate New England. A large part of this region received over an inch of precipitation, with 3 to 5 inches reported in parts of the Ohio and lower Mississippi Valleys, and a few other isolated areas.

Farther northwest, moderate precipitation totaled up to 1.0 inch along a strip from the northern High Plains eastward through parts of the Great Lakes region. West of the Plains, heavy precipitation was observed from northern California northward through western Oregon and Washington.

A few inches fell on some of the higher elevations, and coastal areas near the Oregon/California border. And finally, precipitation fell on parts of the central and northern Rockies and the northern Intermountain West. Isolated totals up to 4 inches were measured in some of the higher elevations.

Looking Ahead: During the next five days (Dec. 13 – 17), moderate to heavy precipitation (0.5 to locally 3.0 inches) is expected from the central Rockies and the Intermountain West westward to the Pacific Coast, from part of the central Plains northeastward through the Great Lakes region, from the central Gulf Coast states northeastward through the central and southern Appalachians, and along the East Coast from Virginia southward through South Carolina and central and northern Georgia. Most locations across the eastern half of the country are forecast to receive at least 0.25 inch of precipitation, with little if any expected in the Florida Peninsula, northern Maine and the High Plains.

For the next five days (Dec. 18 – 23), odds favor above-median precipitation once again from the central Rockies and part of the Intermountain West westward to the Pacific Coast. Wetter than normal weather also seems most likely across the mid-Atlantic, the northern half of the Appalachians and the Northeast. In contrast, subnormal precipitation is favored across the Southeast, most of the Mississippi Valley and Plains states and the northern Rockies.