Fayette County, Pa.’s, zoning board will wait until January to consider special approval for a proposal to build a resort in Dunbar Township, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

During a hearing that lasted about 2 1⁄2 hours Wednesday (Nov. 19), Gene Gallo told the zoning board he wants to put the resort on about 30 acres near The River’s Edge Family Campground, Adelaide Road and the Greater Allegheny Passage trail.

He proposed 20 RV sites, 45 cottages ranging from 720 to 1,400 square feet and 10 cabins on the property. He said he would like to sell the cottages.

The plans include a community building, comfort hall, pavilions, a nature and history center, a maintenance building and a guard shack.

He estimated that 150 to 200 people could use the site at one time.

The resort would operate year-round, and peak seasons would be summer and fall, Gallo said. No outdoor concerts would be held, he said.

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