While many might assume the major onslaught of mosquitoes in the Madison, Wis., area is causing people to stay inside, that’s not necessarily true, according to state park officials.
Some area campgrounds are reporting that despite the bloodsucking predators, officials said it’s business as usual, WISC-TV, Madison, reported.
Officials at the 350-acre Lake Kegonsa State Park said that the pests aren’t negatively affecting business, but they are warning campers to protect themselves, noting that the woods and marshland are as attractive to mosquitoes as they are to campers.
“We got basically one-plus week of rain and it did bring all the mosquitoes we hadn’t had all year out. But it hasn’t affected business at all. We have just as many people here as we would have normally at this time of year,” said Lake Kegonsa State Park Ranger Sarah Bolser.
Park rangers are advising people to use common safety measures for outdoor activities and to make sure to carry mosquito repellent not only for their own use, but also for their pets.