More details have been released about an Adams County, Wis., attempted homicide case from two weeks ago, television station WSAU reported.

Jennifer Adler, 34, is in jail, charged with intentionally driving her sport utility vehicle into 29-year-old Benjamin Lee of Eau Claire. Lee was sleeping in a lawn chair next to a campfire at Point Bluff Resort Campground Aug. 9.

Court documents say the man and Adler had both been asked to leave the campground bar after arguing about Adler bringing her 14-year-old daughter to the bar and serving her beer.

The criminal complaint claims Adler drove into the campground revving her engine and spinning the tires as she drove over the man, pinning him between the car and the hot fire pit. There was also a can of lighter fluid underneath the victim, which squirted onto him causing more severe burns. Investigators say Adler then backed up and ran over him again.

Lee remains at UW Hospital in Madison.

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