Jesse Coots with his family

Jesse Coots with his family. Credit: The Batavian

After nearly a year of revised plans, land surveys, drilling wells, environmental impact reviews, engineers and planning board meetings, Pavilion, N.Y., resident Jesse Coots finally heard the long-awaited words he had hoped for Wednesday (Feb. 16) evening at Pavilion Town Hall, according to The Batavian.

Pavilion Town Planning Board unanimously approved his request for a special use permit to build Lokee-Hikee Campground at 10156 Perry Road.

The proposed site is 26.4 acres to be carved out of the total 110-acre property with woods, wetlands and rolling topography. The campground is to be seasonally operated, neatly landscaped and maintained, and geared toward families, retirees, and seasonal occupancies, he said. Amenities are to include a registration building and camp store, food service, a swimming pool, public restrooms and shower facilities, and a recreational fishing pond.

The application is for approval of 145 total campsites that would be developed in multiple phases and compliant with the town’s zoning ordinance. In addition to the town  Planning Board’s approval, the project has also been reviewed by Genesee County and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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