If Richard Griffin has his way, the property that once housed the Retreat Club will be transformed into an RV park.

Griffin, who recently purchased the property east of El Dorado, Kan., brought his plans to the Butler County commissioners on Monday (Sept. 28), according to the El Dorado Times.

“I guess what I’m doing is coming to you guys to say we want to do something,” Griffin told the commissioners.

Griffin discussed some of the issues facing his proposal, such as acquiring sewage access, and what he might do with the house west of the former club, which he also purchased.

“It is certainly in the county’s best interest to have something else occupy that spot,” said Commissioner Mike Wheeler.

Although this was the consensus of the commissioners, their discussion centered on how to make sure sewage fees are equitable in relation to the fees of area residents and similar businesses.

The commissioners will revisit Griffin’s proposal next week.