Kim Ayers believes Yanceyville, N.C.,  is the perfect setting for a large Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort campground, the Caswell Messenger reported.

She brought Rob Schutter Jr., president and CEO of Leisure Systems Inc. (LSI) – which franchises Jellystone Campgrounds – to help with a presentation for county commissioners.

Ayers wants to build Caswell County Jellystone Resort.

She has two partners, Tommy Billings of Billinsgway Farms in Independence, Va., and Buster Mastin of Mastin Recreation in North Wilkesboro.

The plan is for 20 sleeping rooms, one group site, 10 seasonal and 83 full-service campsites, 42 transient equestrian sites, and 30 equestrian sites – for a total of 186 campsites.

The campground’s 24-week season runs from April 25 through Oct. 5, with limited campsites available year round.

Schutter likened the Yanceyville location to that of one already in Tabor City built on a former tobacco farm. It only has 146 sites.

“In seven short years, he generates nearly $1 million per year,” he said.

Schutter described Jellystone as a themed camping resort with costumed characters, signage and statues, merchandising and marketing. Visitors frequently wander into the surrounding towns, shop at the local businesses and eat at the local restaurants.

“We have a niche. We don’t go after everybody, we go after families. We have cartoon characters,” said Schutter.

“It is a type of business that is acceptable in communities. It protects the environment, brings in all different facets… we provide an entertainment facility for people to enjoy the outdoors. What is Jellystone? We are a family-oriented theme destination campground.”

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