Florida Development

This photo shows what the RV park might look like. Credit: JMorton Planning

An RV park could soon be coming to the Ag Reserve in Florida, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Plans are for a park that would accommodate 121 RVs adjacent to West Delray Regional Park. The development would be on the north side of Atlantic Avenue, approximately a half mile west of State Road 7.

If it does happen, county planners say don’t expect more RV parks in the Ag Reserve. The requested zoning change would only allow for a campground if it were adjacent to West Delray Regional Park, located at the western end of Atlantic Avenue in an unincorporated area of the county.

And the only parcel that meets the criteria is the 10-acre one owned by the applicants, Roger and Karen Fina. They are long-time residents of the Ag Reserve who have been blocked for years from building anything there.

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