Credit: Domespaces

The glamping industry has seen a boom in recent years as more people seek unique and luxurious camping experiences. However, the competition in the market is fierce, and suppliers are constantly challenged to find new ways to stand out. Shipping and handling costs have also risen sharply, making it difficult to turn a profit, according to a press release.

Despite these challenges, the popularity of glamping shows no signs of slowing down. For Domespaces, the demand meant shipping a record of domes over the past two years. The company also continues to address the demand by expanding its range of glamping structures.

Dyester Corp launched in 2007 selling container homes and then Founder Barry Sendach started building domes.

“When I found the domes, I thought they were really cool,” sharing that he later began buying, selling and then marketing the unique structures.

Through Domespaces, the unique outdoor structure brand provides every kind of dome possible. Water-proof, wind-resistant and snow-resistant, the glamping structures come in various sizes and materials. With some interior design and installation of basic amenities, each geodesic building transforms into a dome away from home.

Because the domes vary in design, can be customized and are scalable, they can be used for different purposes.

“Our mantra is to offer a variety of different types of domes so that we could fill the voids that people want,” Sendach said.

Variations such as polycarbonate domes, fiberglass domes, glass domes, PVC and steel domes, treehouse domes glamping domes and more are now used by gyms, restaurants and other businesses.

As the company grows, it continues to adapt and strives to fill in the gaps. Part of this effort is to address the demand as soon as possible, notes the release.  To make this a reality, Domespaces is introducing an in-stock program beginning this year for clients who want ready units.

“That way, if somebody doesn’t want to wait. They could just take it and they’ll have it shipped right away,” he said.

Domes are typically made to order and take a couple of weeks to produce — usually about an eight-week turnaround, per Sendach.

To learn more about Dyester Corp and its brands, such as Domespaces, visit https://dyester.com/.