Miller Riverview Park in Dubuque, Iowa, in normal times. The park and campground jut into the Mississippi River, whose floodwaters inundated the property last week.

Campers at Dubuque, Iowa’s, Miller Riverview Park might be out of luck again come July 4th. Last week’s flooding forced the city to refund dozens of disappointed Memorial Day Campers. The park is still under water and covered in mud, KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids, reported.

Just as the water started to recede late last week, more rain sent the river right back up and the park flooded again. The city says without knowing what’s next with river levels, crews aren’t making any promises.

The city says flooding at Miller Riverview Park is routine due to its proximity to the river. Crews say it usually takes a couple weeks to clean up all the mud and silt off the roads and park benches.But that work doesn’t start until all the water is gone.

Parks Division Manager Steven Fehsal said, “I was hoping to get in there this week and I had stuff scheduled but unfortunately now that the river has gone back up again we’re not able to get in there. So I just don’t know. It’s going to be hard to say. ”

Some campers say Miller Riverview Park is a premier spot to watch the July 3rd fireworks. The city says if they do keep the park closed for that holiday they’ll let campers know more than one week beforehand.