Established in 1962, Lindy’s Landing near Reedley, Calif., is entering its 50th year in business under new ownership.

The new owners, Gary Lange and his son Jake, have made the business their new home and hope to make the campground located southeast of Fresno a home away from home for visitors as well, the Reedley Exponent reported.

Visitors to Lindy’s Landing this summer can expect to find a fun, family friendly place that caters to all groups. The father and son team plan to restore the positive reputation of the campground. Gary and Jake hail from Arizona, and as soon as they laid eyes on the property, they knew it was the perfect location for them and they wanted to set down roots immediately.

“Initially, we were here to look at a grocery store in Fresno. Then, the Realtor took us by Lindy’s Landing. As soon as we saw it we fell in love and said this is what we want to do,” Gary Lange said.

Lindy’s Landing is a 20-acre site located on the banks of the Kings River just off of West El Monte Avenue in Reedley. It was started a half-century ago by a Mr. Lindquist, also known as “old man Lindy.”

Visitors to Lindy’s Landing will notice some positive changes this summer. The Langes relocated to Reedley last September and have spent the past several months fixing up the property and getting it ready for the peak season which begins Memorial Day. Last year, the campground was submerged under water due to an above average snow pack. The Langes have cleaned up the place and are ready for the influx of campers this summer.

“We’ve cleaned it up a lot, redesigned some of the camping spots and are preparing to open up the store again,” Lange said.

Although the campground will begin filling up with guests over the next couple of weeks, Lange said he hopes to have the mini-mart that is located on the premises open by July 4. The new owners are anxiously awaiting the water to be released from Pine Flat Dam just in time to provide Lindy’s Landing’s visitors with fun water recreation activities.

In addition to aesthetic improvements, he said he let go all of the unruly employees that contributed to the business’s bad reputation in the past. He kept the three dedicated volunteers on staff who have worked at Lindy’s Landing for years that many of the repeat visitors know and ask for by name.

Having operated a grocery store in Arizona for the past 11 years, Lange knows what it takes to run a business. He was also an area manager for an Arco AM/PM in Arizona for 12 years. Most recently, he was looking to head up another business and was willing to go anywhere. After searching several different states, he ended up in Central California at Lindy’s Landing.

“I wanted something different. I like a challenge and this is definitely a challenge,” Lange said.

Generations of families have been coming to Lindy’s Landing for decades to camp, fish and have fun along the Kings River. The father-son team hopes to continue in that tradition and maintain Lindy’s Landing’s positive atmosphere for generations to come. Lindy’s Landing is open year-round, with its busiest season running from Memorial Day through Labor Day. In addition to being a popular vacation destination, people often choose Lindy’s Landing for special events such as reunions, weddings, and other celebrations.

On Aug. 11, Lindy’s Landing is teaming up with several businesses including 95.7 The Fox radio station to offer a fun event that will include bands and various vendors. No matter the time of year, Lange said Lindy’s Landing is guaranteed to offer something for everyone, children and adults alike.

“We don’t have a lot of strict rules like some campgrounds, but we’re not lenient either. We’re in the middle,” he said. “We want to cater to everyone. It’s a safe atmosphere for everybody.”

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