Earth KindWith summer around the corner, it’s time to get outside and become more immersed in nature and what better way to do so than by planning an RV or camping trip?

However, being in nature means you’re not alone. When we gather, critters like ants, mosquitoes, moths and spiders show up empty-handed and uninvited, looking for a free meal. Pest encounters and itchy bug bites can really put a dampener on the fun outdoor vibe.

EarthKind’s plant-based pest repellents, with options for AntsSpidersMoths and Rodents swap hazardous chemicals for a blend of essential oils and plant fibers sourced from American family regenerative farms, according to a press release. Guaranteed effective, place a pouch down anywhere you notice or expect pests in the tent, camper and RV, and enjoy a pest-free camping zone.

To prevent ants from getting into the food, consider placing Stay Away Ants on RV counters to avoid infestations. The moth repellent is ideal for storing blankets and wool socks that keep you warm at night when camping. Place Stay Away Spiders and Rodent around the corners and doors of the RV and camper. Mice can wreak expensive havoc on an RV and camper, so taking these preventive measures is critical, explains the release.

As for mosquitoes and ticks, EarthKind’s Stay Away Mosquitoes repellent lasts 14-hours, is DEET-Free, unscented, skin-friendly, water-resistant, non-flammable and protects against mosquitoes and ticks for 14 hours and black flies, gnats and chiggers for 8 hours.

Better yet, the CDC-recommend, EPA-registered repellent comes in both a full-size bottle and travel-size spray, making it easy for on-the-go use and is safe for use on pregnant women and children when used as directed, notes the release.

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