Editor’s Note: The following story comes from the state of Texas and http://robnixon.blogspot.com. Writer Rob Nixon is a 35-year-old suffer and coastal activist living in Laguna Vista, Texas. Watch today’s featured video accompanying this posting.

If you watch the news with any frequency at all, you know that the United States is in a hard economic period. Most of the 50 states are facing moderate to large budget shortfalls and deficits and they are having to make decisions on cutback in order to save money.

Unfortunately for many states, including California and Arizona, this means closures of state parks, many that have been operating in the red for years. This may even be coming to Texas with the realization of a budget deficit next year.

The following is an interview I came across between Glenn Beck and Warren Meyer of Recreational Resource Management. RRM operates 175 private campgrounds in state parks within 11 states. In none of the sites that I browsed through did I see a casino, a large condo development or anything else that would destroy the aesthetic of the area or degrade public access to the beaches.

Our county beach parks are in big financial trouble. This lack of generated revenue translates to rampant litter control problems, poor maintenance and the constant specter of selling out to a large resort development. Perhaps a professional management company brought in to manage the parks, NOT DEVELOP THEM, can be a fit for the bad situation of the parks. Maybe not. However, it would seem to me that a company with a good record of managing campgrounds around the state and generating profits, not only for themselves but for that park itself as well might at least deserve a look.