The Escapees RV Club, consisting of more than 66,000 members who travel for extended periods in their recreational vehicles, is holding its 47th National Escapade at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds in Goshen, Ind., this week.
The Goshen News reported that approximately 860 RV units and between 2,000 and 2,500 attendees are expected to attend the Sept. 9-14 rallyw, which includes seminars, lectures and workshops on the RV lifestyle.
“The event is about education,” explained Cathie Carr, president of the Escapees RV Club, based in Livingston, Texas. “We want to teach people more about the RV lifestyle.”
Brenda Anderson, who made the drive from Mason, Mich., to her first Escapees RV Club Escapade, said that her experience thus far has been “absolutely fantastic.”
“It’s giving me a lot of ideas on what to look for,” Anderson said.
Anderson said that she is in the market for an RV because of her love of traveling, and being at the Escapade makes her feel more knowledgeable in what to look for as she makes her purchase.
“I’m not going to spend the money and not know what I want,” Anderson laughed.
Gigi Knibb, a full-time traveler whose home base is in Livingston, has been going to Escapades since 1999. She said that she thought she was through visiting the event, but something keeps pulling her back.
“You think you have seen all of the lectures, but this is a place that I know I can see all of my friends,” Knibb said.
Each year the club has a community service project for the host city during the Escapade. This year’s project is the “Sew Much Comfort” project, in which customized clothing will be designed, created and delivered to injured troops returning from combat.