Cathie and Bud Carr, opting for a full-time RV lifestyle, have turned the reins of the 65,000-member Escapees RV Club over to their daughter-in-law, Angie, who will serve as executive director of the Livingston, Texas-based organization.
According to a press release, Angie Carr began working as an Escapees call center operator in 1997, before moving into supervisory roles and becoming involved in day-to-day operations. Most recently, she served as executive assistant to the club’s CEO and vice president while also earning a degree in business management and human resources.
Carr will oversee a staff of 100 workers, including an executive team established in 2005 that works closely with the organization’s board. In addition to Carr, the team is comprised of Mark Nemeth, director of consumer affairs, COO Valerie Berry and CFO Teresa Moore.
Cathie Carr remains president of Escapees RV Club and Bud Carr continues his responsibilities as president of Rainbow Parks Inc.
“We really are a family organization, and our family motto of sharing and caring is visible in everything we do,” said Angie Carr.
Joe and Kay Peterson, Cathie Carr’s parents, founded Escapees in 1978.