Escapees HOP logoOne of the membership benefits of the Escapees RV club is its Head Out Program, an adventurous outing featuring unique locations, special events and theme-related activities at its Rainbow Parks.

In its e-newsletter delivered Tuesday, the Escapees announced its next HOP event will take place Feb. 16-21 at the North Ranch RV Park located in Congress, Arizona.

North Ranch has a beautiful and unique cactus garden with a wide array of other miscellaneous succulent plants. When the cacti are in bloom, they have an abundant display of floral beauty. Many of these plants have name plaques and there is a nice walking trail that meanders through the cactus garden.

Club officials said the February HOP will be a perfect opportunity to visit the Escapees’ North Ranch RV Park. After the HOP, the Escapees will host its 55th annual Escapade event March 8 – 13 in Tucson.

For more information, visit: www.escapees.com.