Steve Anderson, editor of Workamper News, announced the upcoming release of the “Centennial RV Recipe Cookbook – Celebrating 100 Years of RVing – (1910-2010)” by Evada Cooper, employee of Workamper News.

The collection of RV recipes is being submitted by members of RV clubs and RV organizations throughout the United States with RV maintenance featured throughout to make this cookbook a must have for all RVers.

“All of us at Workamper News are proud to be a part of this new cookbook that Evada is doing in honor of the Centennial Celebration of 100 years of the RVing Industry,” Anderson stated in a press release. “Evada came on board with our company last November as a virtual copywriter, taking care of our social media efforts and national press releases. She recently has taken over as our master resource provider for our Ambassador Program. Her love for RVing has made her a great fit for this company and we support her in her latest endeavor which is taking on this huge publication that is planned to go national in all bookstores and other book outlets.”

Cooper explains her reasons for this undertaking. “My main goal in this project is to show our nation’s love for RVing which I relate to with a lot of good times from our past. Naturally, when the words ‘Good Times’ are used, we think of family, friends and food. I am excited to have this opportunity to give honor to this Centennial of our RV industry by putting together this very unique cookbook showing our history of the RV industry with compiling a ‘Collector’s Edition’ of recipes collected exclusively from those who know and love RVing most and that is our national RV clubs and organizations.

“This cookbook will have a special twist to it in a couple of ways. Not only am I showing our appreciation of 100 Years of the RV industry but also to our RV groups/clubs throughout this nation. Each person who submits a recipe and is chosen for the cookbook will be given a special feature page about their personal RV history, as well as the group/club they represent at no cost to them. We, as RVers, have a lot to be proud of. This cookbook will give recognition to those who have made our RV Industry what it is today. My publisher which is TSTC Publishing out of Waco, Texas has promised to send out a free cookbook to all who are selected for this publication and it is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for being a part of this cookbook. “

Cooper adds, “Another unique twist is: Every RV enthusiast will want to reach for this cookbook because inside will be chocked full of RV maintenance information given by Terry Cooper – master certified RV technician/instructor from Texas State Technical College (TSTC) of Waco, Texas. My husband Terry is providing me with maintenance facts, tips, procedures, checklists and maintenance schedules that are so vital for the upkeep of our rigs. Let’s face it! The initial investment we each have when purchasing our RVs is huge and the next biggest investment is keeping it in top running condition. Having this RV maintenance information right at your finger tips, along with your favorite recipes, is a wonderful idea I know others will embrace.”

“An important observation I have noticed while Terry and I go out doing RV maintenance seminars and other teaching is that nearly 60% of our attendees are women. They want to stay in the ‘know’ on RV maintenance. What a perfect tool this cookbook will be for them. However, those men who love to cook are also the ones who will appreciate this cookbook and its technical information.”

Terry and Evada Cooper are the owners of Mobile RV Academy which is an online school for consumer RV maintenance education. Recipes are being collected for this cookbook between now and April 26th. RV clubs/groups having interest in being a part of this new cookbook may send your request for details to [email protected]