Evangelists Duane and Erika Careb have launched a program to encourage, equip and aid RV parks and campgrounds to start or enhance on-site church services, and the Prospect Heights, Ill.-based couple is touring the western U.S. this fall in their 40-foot, 2007 Itasca Class A motorhome to promote their idea among campgrounds and RVers.
They have formed the RVchurchesUSA Association and are establishing a website to promote their idea of:

  • Providing nondenominational church services for traveling RVers.
  • Distributing related monthly e-newsletters to parks.
  • Helping campgrounds establish relationships with churches in their communities.
  • Creating community forums with other parks.
  • Offering downloadable worship music tracks and words and other resources.
  • Circulating listings with links to participating campgrounds’ websites.
  • Generating additional park revenues.
    Duane Careb is not an ordained minister but is a member of Willow Creek Community Church, a 22,000-member nondenominational mega church located in South Barrington, Ill., a Chicago suburb. The church is known for its outreach programs, although the Carebs’ campground ministry is not affiliated with the church.
    Having already worked to set up a similar religious ministry for boaters in Wisconsin, Careb, 67, tells Woodall’s Campground Management that his program can help campground operators who have considered starting a church service, but were reluctant to do so, by providing them a step-by-step plan.
    The concept is to get services established by showing how campground managers can contact area clergy who may be interested in participating in such outreach programs and help them make connections with the RVing public that is seeking a religious experience while on the road.
    “Campground owners don’t have to be afraid of doing this,” he said. “This is a non-threatening service they can provide to the RV community that is very needed and desirable,” he said.
    He surmises that churches already located near campgrounds may have considered over the years how to minister to campers as an outreach for their church.
    Careb stressed that their program does not encourage campgrounds “to declare a denomination or anything like that. We don’t want to align with any denomination.”
    “RVers will appreciate knowing that there are campgrounds that have services on site that are casual and on their timing,” said Careb, who can be contacted at (800) 782-4872.