Evanne Schmarder

Editor’s Note: The Following news release comes from Evanne Schmarder and details Episode 5 of her recent visit to the Flying Flags RV Resort.

RV Cooking Show Presents Dinner and a Movie

…starring a visit with David Walker of Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Monte Roberts – the Horse Whisperer – at his Flag is Up Farms and cashew chili in this episode 5 of our “Food, Fun & Friends at Flying Flags” series.

If you know me, you know that near and dear to my heart is microbrew. Yep, a long stint in the Pacific Northwest made a big impression on me. Fast forward many years later and I find myself knee to knee with David Walker… that David Walker… the “Walker” in Firestone Walker Brewing Company. In this episode of our “Food, Fun & Friends at Flying Flags” series I wandered down to their acclaimed (especially by the Flying Flags staff and many guests) restaurant and brew pub for a pint and a chat with David. I picked up a growler of what else, Walker’s Reserve, and popped that in my RV fridge.

Next I took a short ride to Flag is Up Farms to watch the horse magic of Monte Roberts… the title subject of Nicholas Evans’ book (and later Disney film starring Robert Redford) “The Horse Whisperer.” We watched him demonstrate his amazing “Join Up” with a challenging horse and later headed up to his home on the hill to visit a little. I know you’ll enjoy sitting in on this one!

Cashew chili and Walker Reserve Porter

Whether you’re a huge horse fan or not, chances are you’ve at least heard of a Monte movie performance (hint…Liz Taylor at 11, Monte at 8). If you can’t be at the Flying Flags RV Resort pool on a balmy Saturday evening to watch a family flick on their giant blow up movie screen (if it’s warm enough you can float in their pool during the performance) you might consider whipping up a bubbling pot of RV Cooking Show cashew chili, pour yourself a cold one, sit back and enjoy the (RV Cooking) Show – Dinner and a Movie – episode 5 of our “Food, Fun & Friends at Flying Flags” series. Watch RV Cooking Show’s DInner and a Movie right here.

And please stay tuned, we’ve got two more terrific episodes to share… look for them every other Thursday.

Cheers and happy travels friends!