The largest stockholder of campground insurer Evergreen USA, The Hartford Insurance Agency, family-owned and headquartered in Lewiston, Me., was acquired in late August by Northeast Bank Insurance Group, Inc., Maine News Direct reports. But the agency acquisition, the Lewiston-based buyer’s fifth in a year, did not include the Hartford’s unit that insures campgrounds, RV parks, sporting camps and paddle sport operations.
This will not impact any of the policies serviced by the Hartford family’s other companies – International Insurance Services (IIS)and Evergreen, the company said in a statement.
“It simply allows International Insurance Services and the ‘Evergreen’ insurance program to focus on what they do best – selling and servicing commercial insurance policies to the outdoor recreation industry throughout the United States,” said Richard Hartford, owner.
“Campground, RV parks, and other outdoor recreation businesses have become our primary focus in the past decade,” added Lucas Hartford, president. “This change will allow us to focus all our efforts on being the best commercial insurance provider for our outdoor recreation clients and we are very excited about it. We have some great ideas to improve services in the next 12 months and look forward to being able to have the time now to make these improvements happen.”
IIS has insured campgrounds continually since 1986. IIS works for Evergreen Indemnity Ltd. & Evergreen USA, RRG Inc. providing insurance to the outdoor recreation throughout the United States.