gI_118618_Cascade-Range smallNetted Boulders are the newest addition to the NatureROCKS Playground Boulder Line from Everlast Climbing, according to an announcement from the company.

A variety of durable climbing nets and ladders are attached to boulders or log-theme posts of differing sizes to create unique and fun adventure elements for outdoor play spaces.

Seven different configurations are available and all are named after mountains or mountain ranges. They include Cascade Range, Mount Hayden, Mount McKinley, Pikes Peak, Sierra Nevada, Spider Mountain and The Rockies. The Cascade Range is the largest Netted Boulder configuration and includes small, medium and large NatureROCKS Sandstone Boulders connected by a Tapered Ladder Net, Corkscrew Ladder Net and Double Sloped Ladder Net.

Instead of using additional boulders, Mount Hayden features a unique log-theme post with Balance Ropes to create a more affordable configuration. Pikes Peak is the simplest arrangement with a V Ladder Net attached to a small NatureROCKS Granite Boulder. There is enough variety to accommodate different tastes, budgets and spaces.

Traveling up, across, over and down all of the different nets, ladders and boulders requires problem solving, strength, coordination and courage.

“The fact that the Netted Boulders are challenging makes them very fun for kids,” said Sarah Howard, marketing manager for Everlast Climbing. “The developmental benefits of that kind of play are an added bonus.”

Each NatureROCKS boulder is constructed of durable glass fiber reinforced concrete and is hand painted to resemble granite or sandstone. The boulders are weather resistant and look and feel like real rock boulders. The ropes, nets and ladders are constructed of steel wire and synthetic fiber covered in outer layers of polypropylene and UV-resistant polyester fiber making them strong, flexible and comfortable to grasp. NatureROCKS Netted Boulders should be installed by professional playground installers and require safety surfacing that meets ASTM standards. NatureROCKS Netted Boulders are appropriate for children ages 5 to 12 years.

“We’re really excited about this new product,” said Tim Sudeith, general manager of Everlast Climbing. “Netted Boulders engage children in active, outdoor play which is something children these days need more of.”

Everlast Climbing is committed to improving youth fitness with dynamic and innovative products that engage children and inspire physical activity. The company is headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minn., and is a PlayCore company. More information is available about Everlast Climbing at www.everlastclimbing.com.