According to diversity experts Gary and Valerie Berman, America’s estimated Hispanic population exceeds 44 million — 15% of the nation’s population — and had purchasing power of $863 million in 2007. During an address Tuesday (Dec. 2) at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) “Outlook 2009” breakfast kicking off the 46th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., the Bermans gave advice on how the RV industry can embrace, engage and profit from this growing Hispanic market.
According to an RVIA press release, “When targeting the Hispanic market, we need a ‘back-to-basics’ approach that uses a ‘think nationally but act locally’ execution,” said Gary Berman. “Understanding local market composition, travel patterns and usage occasions for Hispanics can help shape your business building strategy.”
The Bermans offered tips on how the industry can relate better to Hispanic consumers and culture. They also highlighted key cultural “hot buttons” that characterize the Hispanic market. These include a preference for group leisure activities — which could indicate a desire for RV caravanning — and a desire to enjoy the moment, suggesting that RVs could become part of the American dream for Hispanics.
“Hispanics are always looking for ways to reinforce strongly held cultural values, yet still be part of the American mainstream,” said Valerie Berman. “This means that if invited and welcomed, Hispanics will visit your showrooms and embrace the RV experience to strengthen bonds among their family and friends.”
The Bermans’ appearance in Louisville is part of RVIA’s work to expand outreach to diverse markets and media. RVIA research shows that Hispanics and African-Americans in particular share key values with other RV buyers, and many have a strong interest in purchasing some day.