When those of us born before the advent of the Baby Boomers explosion went camping, it usually meant going to our backyard, propping three wobbly bean poles together, draping them with old quilts and roasting marshmallows on hastily whittled pointed sticks over a pile of burning twigs that produced more smoke than flame.

As reported by the Daily Journal Online, if you ever doubt that times have drastically changed from that previous time, make a visit to any river, lake or campground this Fourth of July weekend and take a quick survey of today’s preferred camping styles. You’ll find everything from the most elaborate, completely outfitted camping conveyances, to the now-popular, tiny-home glampers.

Camping is done today by bringing all the comforts of home along in motorhomes that often are larger, better equipped and more expensive than many moderately priced suburban homes. Down from that high-end category you’ll find many other styles of spiffed up, less elaborate conveyances that sport comfortable beds, stoves, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, and include TV hook-ups, air-conditioning and pop-out awnings.

What you won’t find are the old faithful pop-up campers that were towed behind the family car, or the original canvas tents that had to be erected using metal poles (one or two poles were usually missing) with metal stakes that, hopefully, held the guy wires firm against gusting winds. Today, these are found only in Boy Scout camps and museums.
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