When Lone Oak Campsites celebrated its 50th anniversary this month, it was not just a time to party and enjoy one of the top campgrounds in Connecticut, HamletHub.com reported. It was also a time to recognize what can be accomplished with one man’s vision and a family’s strong-minded resolve to build a dream.

The hundreds of campers, past and present, who descended on the Lone Oak property on Aug. 16 for a ’60’s themed Woodstock weekend to celebrate the 50-year mark, would not have recognized the property if they had seen it all those years ago.

Abraham “Bucky” Brown was an East Canaan farmer with foresight. Family farms in the 1960’s were beginning to decline and many were selling out to large corporations. After talking with other farmers and reading trade journals, Bucky decided that his farmland could be put to better use. So, in 1964, he converted part of his cornfield into campsites, and Lone Oak Campsites was born.

The transition was not an easy one. Brown had no experience running a campground, and even less money with which to run it, but he learned as he went along. Late in 1963, he began clearing the land and the following year his first campers came.

Bucky soon gained a reputation for being a fun-loving and accommodating host.

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