Hurricane Dorian victims have found out that FEMA is denying a request for aid.

Homeowners in four coastal North Carolina counties have been denied Federal Emergency Management Assistance (FEMA) assistance for Hurricane Dorian related damage, according to Spectrum News.

Gov. Roy Cooper requested federal “Individual Assistance,” to which FEMA Associate Administrator Jeff Bayard replied: “…this event is not of such severity and magnitude to warrant the designation of “Individual Assistance”…Therefore, your request for “Individual Assistance” has been denied.”

Hours before Hurricane Dorian arrived, it’s outer bands formed a waterspout that destroyed 33 homes in Emerald Isle at the Boardwalk RV Park. Ten of those homes were permanent residences.

Emerald Isle Mayor Eddie Barber says he plans to ask Gov. Cooper to request an appeal within the next 30 days.

Meanwhile residents of the park say they are shocked.

“People have lost everything. I mean if FEMAs not gonna help in any way I think that’s just unconscionable. I have no faith in them anymore,” said Robert Alston.

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